Undercover Superdrol 30 caps/ 20 mg


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Undercover Juice Superdrol 30 caps/ 20 mg




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  1. Peter

    I read a lot of information about SUPERDROL on various forums. By the way you can watch the video from Anabolic Doc and find out more! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4yasTxAe1Ek
    So it works too powerful for Masteron’s oral form! I took the first two weeks of 40 mg. It seemed to me a little and I increased +20 mg (my wt is 105 kg).
    This is what I need! increased endurance and strength. Powerful, bright roid. I regretted that I did not order more, because for one month I need 90 capsules. And on this site the price is two to three times lower than on other sites. At the same time the quality is high! Thanks for the service and reasonable price!!!
    Like to buy here. Cheers.

    • sportanabolic

      Thanks for visiting our site!
      At the moment there are a lot of useful products on our website.

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