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What is S23 SARM ?

S23 (also known as S-23) is a SARM or selective androgen receptor modulator created by GTX, Inc.  S23 is not very well known, but it is often compared to SR9009 Stenabolic. Most people agree that SR9009 is more effective than S23. That’s why supplement companies have not made a legal version of S-23, and they suggest using SR9009 instead.

Technical Specification

ChemSpider ID: 24715019

PubChem CID: 24892822

Why Was Stenabolic S23 Created Initially?

S23 was first developed as a male birth control pill. It is a strong androgen that can lower sperm count. Stenabolic S23 may also have other benefits such as increasing muscle mass and decreasing fat mass.

S23 is still being tested as a potential contraceptive, but it is not sold yet. In the fitness industry, athletes and bodybuilders have started using S-23 to improve their performance and appearance. S23 is used in cutting cycles to get rid of extra body fat

How Does S23 Work?

The selective androgen receptor modulator attaches to the androgen receptor very strongly and selectively, showing both muscle-building and male-hormone-like effects. The muscle-building effects of S23 SARM include more protein production.

The exact ways that S23 SARM works are not clear yet, but it seems to work by changing the way the androgen receptor works. In animal studies, S-23 SARM has been shown to be stronger than testosterone in terms of its muscle-building effects, making it a promising option for treating conditions such as muscle loss and weak bones. Clinical trials are being done to check the safety and effectiveness of S23 SARM in humans.

What are the Results of S23 for BodyBuilding?

There are several benefits for bodybuilders, athletes and sports people who want to lower their body fat percentage.

More Lean Muscle Mass

It can increase lean muscle mass in people. Researchers say that it is more muscle-building than testosterone and less male-hormone-like, meaning that it can result in more muscle growth with fewer side effects. While more research needs to be done on humans, early studies on rats show that S23 could be a great option for people who want to lower body fat. In one study, rats given S23 gained much more muscle mass than those in the control group. The researchers think that it works by attaching to androgen receptors, which then leads to more protein production and muscle growth. If you’re looking for a SARM that can help you build lean muscle mass, then S23 might be worth considering.

Newest Research Data

•           How to know and control the stopping of sperm making caused by testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) and anabolic–androgenic steroids (AAS) – first put online June 26th 2022

•           How to use predicted breaking paths and breaking ion structures for finding steroids and selective androgen receptor modulators in food supplements using liquid chromatography–quadrupole time-of-flight mass spectrometry – Published February 2022

What is the Right S23 Amount?

What is the right amount of S23, and how should you take it for best results? Here’s what you need to know. The suggested dose of S-23 is 25-50 mg per day for 8-12 weeks. To lower the chance of side effects, it’s best to start at the lower end of the dose range and increase slowly as you can handle. S23 can be taken by mouth or injected. If you’re taking it by mouth, it’s best to take it with food. If you’re injecting, be sure to use clean equipment and method.

Best S23 Cycle and PCT?

If you’re looking to cycle S23 and want to get the most out of the results, then you’ll need to follow a few key rules. First, make sure that you start with a low dose and slowly increase it over the time of the cycle. Second, keep your cycles short – no more than 8 weeks at a time. And finally, make sure you include a good post-cycle therapy (PCT) plan to help your body get better. following these simple tips will help you get the most out of your S23 cycles and lower the chance of side effects.

Can I Stack S-23 With Other SARMS

SARMs are a great way to build up and get fit, but some people wonder if they can stack SARMs with other supplements. The short answer is yes! In fact, many bodybuilders use the benefits of stacking SARMS with other supplements like creatine or protein powder. When it comes to stacking SARMS for cutting, there are a few important things to remember. First, make sure to do your research and talk with a qualified medical professional before starting any new supplement plan. Be aware that not all SARMS are the same – some are more powerful than others and may have different effects when stacked. Finally, remember to start slow and increase your amount slowly to see how you react. By following these simple rules, you can safely and effectively stack S-23 with other SARMS and also other supplements to reach your goals.

Can I Buy S23 Legally

Sadly there is a gray area when it comes to buying S-23, and all SARMS for that matter. It is not allowed by the WADA, Unless you are buying it for research reasons

There are legal choices available on the market that are made to copy the muscle building and fat burning effect while being legal and also free of side effects.

As mentioned at the start of this S23 review – SR9009 is a better option. There are legal brands available such as Stena 9009.

S-23 Summary and Conclusion

S23 is maybe one of the less known SARM used in the bodybuilding industry. It is better for cutting than bulking.

It is often compared to Stenabolic SR9009 – the two are very close.

The legal status of S23 makes it impossible to buy and use legally. However, Stenabolic SR9009 has been made legal by some supplements expert companies.

Boosts Power and Endurance

S23 Stenabolic is a popular choice for athletes who want to improve their power and endurance. This strong SARM attaches to androgen receptors very well, making it a good choice for those who want to gain muscle and increase power. Research has shown that S23 can help to gain lean muscle, lose body fat, and improve power and endurance. Also, S23 does not seem to affect the prostate or other reproductive organs much, making it a safe and effective choice for those who want to improve their athletic performance. With its ability to help gain muscle and increase power, it’s no surprise that S23 SARM is popular among athletes.

Loses Extra Body Fat

S23 is very good at losing visceral fat, which makes it a popular choice for those who want to get ripped. When used with a healthy diet and exercise plan, S23 can help you achieve the body you always wanted. S-23 not only helps to lose body fat directly, but it also helps to keep lean muscle mass, making it a good SARM for cutting cycles. So if you want to get lean and strong, S-23 SARM is worth trying.

Prevents Muscle Loss

Keeping muscles healthy and strong is important for everyone, from athletes to seniors. Sadly, as we get older, our muscles tend to get weaker, a condition called sarcopenia. This can lead to weakness, falls, and a loss of independence. However, there is hope in the form of S23 SARM. S23 is a selective androgen receptor modulator that has been shown to prevent muscle loss in animal studies. It works by attaching to the androgen receptor, which helps to keep muscle mass and strength. Stenabolic S23 has also been shown to increase bone density, making it a good treatment for those at risk for osteoporosis. While more research is needed, S23 SARM shows promise as a possible treatment for muscle loss and other age-related conditions.

Strengthens Bones

One of the main ways that S23 works is by attaching to androgen receptors in bone tissue. This helps to increase the production of osteoblasts, which are cells that play an important role in bone formation. S-23 has also been shown to reduce the activity of osteoclasts, which are cells that break down bone tissue. As a result, S23 helps to promote a healthy balance between bone formation and breakdown, leading to stronger bones and a healthier skeletal system. In addition to its positive effects on bone density and strength, S23 has also been shown to improve joint health and reduce the risk of age-related muscle loss. This makes S23 an exciting new option for those looking to improve their skeletal health and prevent age-related decline.

What SARMS are Similar to S-23?

SR9009 is a synthetic Rev-ErbA ligand, which is taken by mouth. It imitates the effects of working out by increasing mitochondria in skeletal muscle, thereby increasing exercise endurance. Researchers believe that SR9009 may also help burn fat. S23 and SR9009 are often compared. Unlike other SARMs, S2-3 does not seem to cause any serious side effects on prostate or seminal vesicles. In animal studies, it has been shown to increase bone density and muscle mass. Like SR9009, S23 also increases mitochondria in skeletal muscle cells. However, SR9009 is more effective than S23 at losing body fat in animals. Therefore, if you are looking for a SARM to help you lose fat on a cutting cycle, SR9009 is the better option.

Does S-23 Cause Side Effects and What are Some Cautions?

While the full effects of S23 are not yet known, there is some evidence that it may be linked with some possible side effects. These include lowering natural testosterone production, increasing risk of liver damage, and changing lipid metabolism. S-23 may also interact with other medications, so it is important to talk to your doctor before taking this or any other SARM.

S23 is very good at getting into your body, up to 96% and it sticks to your muscles very well, just like LGD-4033.

S23 is a full activator of the muscle receptor and is the only one like LGD-4033 to do that.

This means that S23 is very strong and can lower your natural testosterone levels like steroids.

You should know that S23 made all the rats that were tested on unable to have babies, that’s how powerful it is.

How S23 Works

S23, like other muscle activators, works in a similar way as steroids but with a difference that they are selective. This means that unlike steroids this one will only target muscle receptors and won’t cause side effects like steroids that affect receptors in your prostate too.

This means that S23 and other muscle activators will work very much like steroids and won’t have many side effects. Of course, muscle activators are usually much weaker than steroids but this one is actually very strong and is similar to steroids in power. S23 and YK11 are the strongest muscle activators on the market so far.

S23 Benefits

This one has a lot of good benefits, but remember that it is not fully tested yet and is still being researched. Other muscle activators like Ostarine or LGD 4033 are more tested and safe.

The benefits of S23 are:

– More muscle mass

– More strength

– Fat loss

– Better endurance

– Faster recovery

Now let’s talk about each benefit in detail.

More muscle mass

This is the reason why people are interested in S23. You will see amazing muscle gains with this one. It is so good at making your muscles grow that it can be compared to strong steroids. This is why some people call S23 a weird mix of muscle activators and steroids. We don’t recommend this one to beginners because your body might not be ready for something like this.

Remember, training and diet are still the most important parts. Even though S23 is very strong, it won’t do anything without proper training and nutrition. Also, if you stop training after the cycle, you will probably lose most of your gains.

More strength

S23 also has a great benefit of increasing your strength. The strength gains will also be amazing and similar to the ones you would get on a normal steroid cycle.

People who use S23 report incredible strength gains. They get stronger every week and can easily break their personal records. They say that it is not uncommon that they add over 50lbs on their major lifts, bench press, deadlift and squat, over the cycle.

When it comes to keeping that kind of strength, don’t expect too much. You might not be able to keep all of the strength gains, but with proper training after the cycle, you might be able to keep most of them.

Fat Loss

S23 helps you lose fat, not as well as Stenabolic or Cardarine do, but it still does pretty well. This means that you will be able to gain muscle and lose fat at the same time. You will even be able to lose some fat when you eat more calories than you burn.

Along with this, people also say that they look more veiny during their cycles. They also get better pumps in the gym that last longer.

Better Endurance And Faster Recovery

S23 will also give you some better endurance. It won’t be as good at this as some other compounds, but it will still be noticeable. You will be able to work out for longer periods of time and won’t need to rest so much between sets.

People also say that it gives you more stamina in the bedroom too. This makes sense because it is also being researched as a “male birth control pill”.

S23 can also help you heal faster after a tough workout. Normally, you need 72 hours to rest after a hard gym session. But people who use S23 say that they only need less than a day to recover. This means you can exercise hard more often and get better results.

S23 Side Effects

Testosterone Suppression

S23 lowers the production of your natural Testosterone levels. All SARMs do this, but S23 does it more than the others. We don’t suggest a PCT (Post Cycle Therapy) for most SARMs, except for S23 and maybe YK11.

This compound is so strong that your body will take a long time to recover naturally after the cycle. During that time, you will feel bad effects of low Testosterone like confusion, bad mood, etc.

If you want to avoid a PCT, keep your dosages very low and it should be ok. But we suggest that you pick another SARM to be safe.

Increased Aggression

You won’t feel roid rage like you would on steroids, but you will still feel more angry than usual, similar to the annoyance felt on RAD 140.

The only way to deal with this side effect is to be aware of it and to realize that you’re reacting too much to the normal problems of life.

You should also watch yourself around other people, as your anger could make them not want to be around you.

Night Sweats

You should know that S23 will make you lose water during the night, so you should always have water near you to stay hydrated all the time. If you don’t do this, it could lead to more side effects like cramps, headaches and tiredness.

It is believed that the reason why night sweats happen with S23 is because it makes your body work faster, which automatically makes it hotter.

Waking up in a pool of your own sweat is not rare while on S23, and if you notice this side effect, there is not much you can do but lower your dosage.

Hair Shedding

Every compound that is androgenic will cause some hair shedding. The problem is, S23 is one of the strongest compounds out there, meaning that hair shedding could quickly become hair loss if you’re not careful.

I personally suggest using RU-58841 while on a S23 cycle, it prevents hair loss and makes your hair stronger to resist the androgenicity of S23.

Dosage And Cycle Length

We suggest that you start with a dosage of 5mg a day and based on your results increase it to 15mg a day. You should remember, S23 lasts for 12 hours in your body, this means that you should divide your daily dosage into 2 parts and take the first in the morning and the second in the evening. For example, a good cycle would be 2.5mg in the morning and 2.5mg in the evening for an 8-week cycle.

We don’t suggest that you have your cycle for more than 8 weeks.

For more information on the best cutting and bulking S23 dosages, check out our S23 dosage guide.

S23 Results

The first result I have to mention and that many men feel is infertility while using S23. You shouldn’t worry too much about this effect of S23, as it is temporary.

# How S23 Can Help You Get Fit and Strong

S23 is a powerful supplement that can help you get fit and strong in many ways. But it is not fully tested yet, so you have to be careful with it. Here are some of the results and risks of using S23.

## The Good Results of S23

There are many good things that can happen when you use S23.

First, you can expect to gain around 15 to 20 pounds of **muscle tissue** in just one eight-week cycle. Your **might** gains are going to be crazy and you’ll be breaking most of your personal records by week four.

Second, you’ll enjoy your gym time much more as the **shorter recovery times** of S23 really help you get back on track sooner.

Third, you’ll lose around 5% of your total **body weight** in just two months, and you won’t have to do much other than follow your diet and exercise routine well.

S23 VS Steroids

S23 is very similar to most steroids in how strong it is and if you follow a good PCT you won’t see any bad effects from this supplement. At least this is what we know so far, the supplement is still not fully tested.

The most common steroid S23 is compared to is Winstrol, as they both have similar effects in the body.

It’s funny to note that on a mg to mg basis, Winstrol is actually weaker in comparison to S23.

This makes S23 a good alternative to steroids and it should be respected as such.

Always remember to take S23 safely or you’ll risk having some of the bad effects I’ll mention in the next section.


S23 is actually the only supplement (maybe YK11 as well) with which I recommend that you do a PCT ( Post Cycle Therapy).

This is because of how strong and powerful this supplement actually is. I recommend that you do a 4-week PCT with Clomid at the end of your cycle.

If you’re interested in how to do a good PCT with Clomid, I recommend that you go ahead and visit this link.

If you don’t want to do a PCT, I recommend that you take a dosage of 5mg maximum.


In conclusion, this supplement is a very strong one and you will see really good results from it. This supplement isn’t fully tested yet so this is definitely a big downside. There may be some bad effects that we don’t know so far. We definitely recommend that you try out or test other supplements first before trying out S23. Other supplements are a lot more tested and some are even successfully completing clinical trials (Ostarine and LGD-4033).

Make sure to take very small dosages if you want to avoid a PCT.

My recommended companies for buying S23

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What Is S23?

S23 is a supplement (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator). It is one of the strongest and most potent on the market along with YK11.

How Does S23 Work?

S23 works similar to how steroids do, the difference is that it is a supplement and is selective to which androgen receptor it binds. This way it avoids causing bad effects that steroids cause.

What Benefits Can You Get From S23?

S23 will have great benefits such as weight loss, incredible lean muscle gain, increased bone health and better endurance. A suggested dose is 5mg a day, split into two parts.

What Is The Proper S23 Dosage?

The recommended dosage is between 5mg to 15mg per day, split into two parts. Take one part in the morning and the second in the evening.

What Is S23’S Half-Life?

S23 has a half-life of 12 hours, this means that we have to take it in two parts, first in the morning and second in the evening.


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